Keeping Kentucky's Promise

Keeping Kentucky's Promise

Dear Kentuckians,

My name is Kelly Craft. I am running for Governor of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I am not looking for a job. I’m looking to get one done.

There are tough decisions being made every day around kitchen tables in Kentucky. We’re in rough times and people need help.

Our state has been battered by storms. Our national politics are strained and angry.

You’ve heard promises before. Sweet words then no action. The language of politics has been abused and misused.

Which makes it so difficult to try and make an honest connection.

I will seek to repair the connection between the people and their leadership, to give back to Kentucky a core of honesty and compassion.

One thing I do know, from my father—there is more wisdom, more kindness, more of the pure flavor of humanity—next door, in your own neighbor, your grandmother, than in 20 thousand pamphlets or declarations from a politician.

I’m here to make an honest return on your trust.

I am running for the people of the state I love, the people with whom I’ve grown up, and to honor the parents who cared so much for me, showed me what life is, taught me real values, loved me, and loved the state they worked throughout their lives.

Ambition is not in my blood. Not in the usual sense. I have a strong record of results driven leadership…the happiest hour of my life is to know I have made so small, or large, difference to a person who is starting to think…I am not sure where I am anymore.

To that person I will say, please let us meet, let us talk, let us recall the Kentucky we love and want to keep.

Let us in the fine Kentucky tradition, meet at the kitchen table.